Dr.Samuel Hahnemman

The Homoeopathy was invented by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755 - 1843). He was an allopathic doctor. There is an interesting story behind the invention of the homoeopathic system. It is said that - he failed to cure his child, suffering from typhoid. He began thinking about the failure of his treatment. Once he was reading about cinchona, which was used for curing malaria and to his surprise, he found that cinchona also caused malaria to people without the disease. He took a piece of cinchona bark and studied its effect. When he diluted the cinchona, he found that its therapeutic effect was better. This lead to the development of Homoeopathy and its classical approach. He derived the homoeopathic principle - "Similia similibus Curentur" which translates to "like cures like". In other words, the material capable of causing a disease-like symptom in a healthy person is capable of curing the disease in a sick person. Based on these, the drug known as remedy in this system was developed which is basically extracted from natural resources like plant, animals and minerals.

What is Homeopathy

Homoeopathy is the most refined natural system of medicine which is founded and based on the Natural law of 'Similia Similibus Curantur' means 'let likes be treated by likes' and the word Homoeopathy also advocates this where 'Homoeos' means 'Similar' (not same) and 'Pathos' means 'Suffering'. Came into existence in 18th century and founded by Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahneman, a famous German physician of allopathic medicine who was dissappointed by the uncertainty and lack of any fixed principal of healing. In 1790 while translating Cullen's 'Materia Medica' from English to German he became highly dissatisfied by reading that Cinchona bark cures malaria because of its bitterness by which it kills the parasite. To prove this he himself started taking the cinchona juice twice daily for few days he was surprised when attacked by the symptoms very similar to malaria. This unexpected result set up in his mind a new chain of thoughts and he conducted similar experiments on himself and others with different medicines and the result was same and came to conclusion 'that medicines cure diseases only because they can produce similar symptoms in healthy individuals'. The whole of Homoeopathy is derived from this law.

Why most refined system of the nature

1. Accepts the dynamic theory of life: that all living organisms are primarily governed by life force due to which all the system of living organism takes place.
2. Holistic concept of disease: Homoeopathy accepts the concept of biological whole. So it tries to treat the patient as a whole not the disease.
3. Dynamic causes of diseases: according to this system disease is nothing but the dynamic derangement. It treats bacteria and viruses as secondary cause of diseases. Any derangement in the body immunity only allows the bacteria and viruses to produce diseases.
4. Power of cure by Symptom Similarity and if symptoms are cured well in time no chance of disease to settle.
5. Uses only the Latent Energy or Curative Powers of drugs to treat the diseases avoiding the crudeness and bulk quantities of drugs to go inside. Hence using only the goodness of nature to heal making it 100% safe without any side effects.
6. Individualization: According to Homoeopathy following all Natural law states that no two individuals are exactly same thus the difference of manifestation in symptoms and modalities always exist.
7. Drug proving. Homoeopathy tries to ascertain the action of drugs by proving them on healthy human beings who are capable to communicate their subjective symptoms to the experimentist.

According to Homoeopathy the 'Human Organism = Body + Mind + Spirit' this is a 'Trinity of life'. The body and the tissues are not life but they are the channels through which life functions. If this is not so then modern biochemist and science know the composition of blood & tissues but Can they prepare it in the laboratory? Answer is NO! Its because over and above its material existence, Life has something super-sensual which maintains our Living Body? This makes all the difference between 'the Dead and the Living'. This super sensual vitality is known as Life Force which is:

1. Immaterial
2. Self powered or Self ruling
3. Self acting against any stimuli
4. Dynamic i.e. only power
5. Unintelligent and Instinctive: Where 'intellect' means 'power to judge' as it is a force only thus it can not reason out itself. Forces can cause a thing only and they cannot do things directly. 'Instinct' means 'Inborn impulse'. That is how our indwelling reason gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence and resist the diseases and preserve the health.

When by any superior dynamic means the life force get affected our harmonious functioning get disturbed. This lack of harmony on both Sensational and Functional plane immediately shows itself through the material body as sign and symptoms and we get sickness as a result.

Homoeopathy now a days is a very famous and practical system of medicine, which allows undergraduate science faculty students to become well-qualified doctors fully aware of:

  • Human anatomy
  • Human physiology
  • Pathology
  • Social and preventive medicine
  • Medicines including all branches like ENT, Eye, Dental, Psycology etc.
  • Gyanae and OBS
  • Medical juris
  • Laboratory medicine
  • Surgery

And all other important subjects of modern medicine till graduation level + homoeopathic subjects giving any qualified Homoeopath equal status that of modern medicine graduate.


Dear friends homoeopathy today has certainly scaled new heights. For the last nearly 41 years of serving to suffering humanity with homoeopathic principles and medicines,treating and benefiting thousands of patients suffering from incurable,chronic,acute and social ailements and also helping in prevention of diseases successfully. We have seen Homoeopathy growing scientifically year after year with very high success rates. We have constantly witness the wonderful contribution that homoeopathy has made to treat the suffering humanity. But with such satisfying results we wonder why there are so many doubts related to homoeopathy ponder in minds of general people. May be 'The bad notions travel faster than the good ideas & affect larger number of minds'.

Unfortunately there is a wrong view point prevalent amongst the consumers and an undue fear about homoeopathic medicines being adulterated with steroids. At times fast results achieved from homoeopathy are mistakenly thought to be possible due to use of steroids in medicines. According to few people who are oblivious about the facts related to testing of Homoeopathic Medicines, there is a misconception that they test positive for steroids. This is simply ignorance or lack of awareness which is giving a wrong view point prevalent amongst the consumers and an undue fear about homoeopathic medicines being adulterated with steroids.

Homoeopathy is widely acclaimed as healing science among common man but still there are misconceptions prevailing in the common mindsets which need our proper attention. Steroids are a large group of compounds found in all animals. Different groups of steroids include corticosteroids, anabolic steroids, androgenic steroids, oestrogenic steroids, progestogenic and anti-inflammatory steroids.


Steroids of the Adrenal Cortex
The adrenal cortex is responsible for production of 3 major classes of steroid hormones:
Glucocorticoids, which regulate carbohydrate metabolism.
Mineralocorticoids, which regulate the body levels of sodium and potassium .
Gonadocorticoids which include male hormones, androgens and female hormones, oestrogens.
Steroids produced by Testes and Ovaries
Female sex hormones: Progesterone and Oestrogens which bring about normal menstrual cycles and pregnancy incase fertilization occurs. Male sex hormone: Testosterone, an androgen produced from progesterone is a male sex hormone responsible for secondary male sex characteristics. STEROIDS AS MEDICINE Corticosteroids are medicines in Allopathy that are similar to the natural hormone cortisone. Corticosteroids are used to provide relief for inflamed areas of the body. They lessen swelling, redness, itching, and allergic reactions. They are often used for a number of diseases such as Asthma or other auto immune diseases. As corticosteroids help the body maintain the integrity of the walls of the veins and arteries, they are helpful in stopping or preventing unwanted bleeding. Because of their widespread effects, these drugs are useful in treating many medical conditions, but they can also have undesirable side effects.

Homoeopathy as a science also uses an array of drug sources to produce various medicines which includes not only plant sources, but even healthy secretions of body and unhealthy tissues besides various allopathic medicines. Even steroids like "Cortisone" are potentized according to procedures of homoeopathic pharmaceutics to treat patients from the ill effects of crude dosage of these medicines as prescribed in allopathic system of medicines. Many allopathic medicines are potentised according to principles of Homoeopathy for use as homoeopathic medicines. Common ones are Cortisone, Chloramphenicol, Penicillinum etc. DISPENSING OF HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES.

As per regulations Laid down by 'Govt. of India Central Council of Homoeopathy' for Homoeopathic practitioners:- A practitioner of Homoeopathy shall use any drug prepared according to homoeopathic principles and adopt other necessary measures as required. (No. 12 of CCH Regulations 1982)A practitioner of Homoeopathy has a right to prepare and dispense his own prescription. (No. 37 under "Dispensing" of CCH Regulations 1982). Thus any approved Homoeopathic medicine whatsoever; including steroids such as prednisolone can be safely dispensed by a Homoeopath in his clinic as per the requirements of the case.

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